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Thank you for your interest in Pacific Christian Academy! Below you will find options to get started on your student(s) academic journey. If at any time you have any questions, feel free to call our admissions director for more information. We encourage you to see for yourself how our students are engaged in learning.  You are invited to meet our seasoned teachers and staff by scheduling a tour.  We will be happy to provide a personal, up-close look at the quality education we provide.

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Academic Program Options

The administration and teachers of PCA are committed to providing each student with an education that prepares him/her for higher learning.  The academic student outcomes for all grade levels and/or content areas will be accomplished through continuous learning throughout the school year.  Continuous learning means that whether in the classroom or online, students will continue to accomplish the yearly academic goals.

Knowing that parents desire various educational options for their students, we have the following programs available.


  • We know most students learn best with a teacher and peers to support them.
  • Teachers and students are in the classrooms five days a week.
  • Teachers care for the spiritual, emotional, and academic student needs.

If the governor mandates a move to online learning, the 5 day a week schedule will continue, with the option to use one day for individual and group check-in.

EE: 30 minutes of daily Zoom time with the teacher; packets for instruction provided.

K-3rd grade: 2-4 hours of daily Zoom instruction/classroom time; packets for instruction provided.

4-5th grade: 3-5 hours of daily Zoom instruction/classroom time; packets for instruction provided.

6th-12 grade: A modified 6 hour day schedule will be followed using Zoom and Google Classroom

What you can expect:

  • Teachers will prepare packets for instruction for EE-5 students and continue to assess.
  • Students in 6-12th grade will receive instruction through Zoom and assignments through Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will be available for parent conferencing via Zoom.
  • Teachers will attempt to touch base with each student individually/in small groups at least once a week.
  • Other options like literacy groups, lunch with peers, and more will provide for the community of learning that is so important to students.


Parents who prefer to keep their student at home will have access to the instruction occurring in the classroom.  Instruction will be available as the student joins a Zoom class to participate in the class instruction. Parent who are not familiar with teaching various concepts, will find accessing the in-class instruction, as a support to the at-home teaching, very helpful.  The teacher will grade academic work and be responsible for instruction.  Tuition is 90% of full-time in class instruction.



Students in grades 11-12 who qualify through their GPA will attend PCA classes daily and be involved in online classes from Grand Canyon University and local community colleges.  Some sophomores may qualify.


If you are considering homeschooling your children, we are available to support you.  Parents may choose to follow the PCA academic program or purchase a program of their choice.  The Home School Tuition and Fees sheet outlines the various programs.  Parents may request the PCA Homeschool Handbook.


Parents who choose not to send their children to preschool may enroll in "Preschool at Home" and receive 30 minutes of daily instruction from the teacher, with support materials provided by the school.

For additional information...

Please contact our Eileen Wilson, PCA Admissions and Marketing.

Phone: 253.943.2540

Email: [email protected]

Important Documents

Below are a list of important documents that are required to be submitted for enrollment.

Early Education - 12th Grade Enrollment Packet 20-21

Certificate Of Immunization Status (CIS)

Certificate Of Exemption

Medical Authorization Form

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