Spiritual Life


Spiritual formation and development is the most important focus of our mission.  While we work to achieve academic mastery with every student, most important is the facilitating of a passion for serving Jesus through our Bible classes, student life, spiritual life, and service opportunities. We strive to integrate Biblical truth as we teach all subjects, provide daily Bible classes and weekly school chapels.  Through those avenues, we challenge students to look at life through the truth of God’s word by engaging students in deep dialog, teaching them to think critically, and allowing them to ask the hard questions without fear of judgement.

Biblical Integration

Biblical principles are integrated into each course at Pacific Christian Academy. We are dedicated to assisting our students in developing a Christian worldview: enabling them to see life from a Christian perspective.  Activities and events are planned to enable students to live life practically in an environment where the desire is to please God.  Words, thoughts, and actions are monitored to be kind, edifying and to build one another up.

Daily Bible Classes

All of our students participate in daily Bible classes. We begin our day with prayer, teaching our students the importance of a continuous dialog with God.  Our preschool and elementary classes spend time in worship and praise God for the great day ahead of them.  Secondary students share prayer requests and remember to say “thank you” when God answers in His way.

School Chapels

Preschool to 12th-grade students participate in weekly chapels. The spiritual training and development of each student is an important and integral part of Pacific Christian Academy. Our school chapels lay a strong spiritual foundation, include awesome praise and worship, and provide an excellent atmosphere for fellowship and learning about the word of God.

ASB Chaplain Program

Each year a student applies and is granted the opportunity to be the student chaplain.

The duties of this individual are as follows:

  • Pray on behalf of the school during many major events
  • Be a spiritual barometer of the school to the administration
  • Be a voice of the student spiritual life in student government
  • Meet with the administration regularly to discuss the spiritual direction of the student body

Community Outreaches, Missions, and More!

PCA students are involved in service to the community, which gives them the unique opportunity to observe our world in need from a Christian perspective and apply their training to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Those planning the service opportunities desire that service be meaningful and life-changing.

PCA Abroad

Pacific Christian Academy sent mission teams to Mexico spring of 2018 and 2019.  Homes were built, students participated in evangelism, and many orphans were loved on by our students.

LA Dream Center

Each year, the senior class travels to the LA Dream Center for a week of serving the people of Los Angeles. They take food and supplies to low-income families and the homeless on skid row. Our seniors help in the campus clothing store and serve in the campus kitchen and food bank which serves thousands of people weekly.