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Join PCA as we make a difference in the lives of the community of Kalapata, Kenya, this year.  This community has been in drought for over 2 years, with children dying because they have no good water source, among many other unmet needs.

For a commitment of $39 per month, we will change the future of many children and families.  Generous giving will mean a FUTURE for a child in Kenya.  The more children we can sponsor, the more the entire village will benefit.  Imagine children as young as 5 years old NOT having to walk 4 miles to get brown, dirty water for the family to drink and cook with because they have a source of clean water, thanks to our sponsorships.  PCA IS GOING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

Every class is sponsoring one student this year.

  • In the EE classes, we are praying parents will provide for the sponsorship.
  • In the K-12 classes, our hope is that parents will make a way for students to help contribute to the $39 each month.  In most classes, that is about $2 per month per PCA student.  And perhaps, many PCA families will contribute above the $2 so we can make more of an impact.

We also encourage PCA families to sponsor a child(ren) themselves!

We anticipate that God will do "more than we can ask or think" as we support the community of Kalapata, one child at a time.

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