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August 26 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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PCA Libraries


We Love Reading!

At Pacific Christian Academy, teachers foster a love for reading with our new library housing over 7,200 books. This is a 25% increase in inventory compared to the previous year. Our libraries are a vital part of our accreditation success with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  

2017-2018 ACSI Library Accreditation Report

Increasing Literacy and Fostering Our Students' Appreciation for Reading

Our elementary library houses age-appropriate fiction covering classic, popular, and Christian literature. We have numerous non-fiction works in biography, history, world culture, and the sciences. Recently, we have added over 80 new books to our elementary library representing the diversity of our students as one family of God. These books enable our students to understand and appreciate the many cultures represented at PCA. We have also added more books in science and technology. 

Biblical World View is a primary emphasis to instill Christian thinking and Christ's teachings about what we read. We take note of characters, behavior, content, and illustrations. Does the text improve our godly reasoning in some way or provide ways to apply the Bible to whatever we read or learn about?

Accelerated Reader (A.R.)

Accelerated Reader is a WORLD-WIDE computer-based program that PCA uses to monitor reading practice and progress. It helps teachers guide students to books that are on kids' individual reading levels. Students take short quizzes after reading books to check if they've understood and can recall detail.

Each student, starting mid-year in kindergarten up to 5th-grade levels and as high as grade 8, will have an individualized yearly reading goal set with guidance from Mrs. Nelson. As students read books and take quizzes, they are able to earn points for each one. When they meet their goals, they are given various experiential rewards throughout the year. These experiences might include running an obstacle course, being an assistant to the librarian, receiving a standing ovation in the lunchroom, or a special evening event such as coming in jammies to hear stories and eat popcorn with mom and dad who are also in jammies too.

Our school is licensed for Accelerated Reader!

Our library serves as the hub for A.R. and our Librarian, Mrs. Nelson, coordinates the fun based on the use of this technology. 

Last year, our elementary school kids read a collective 7568 books and over 72,000,000 words on AR! They year before we had a school wide field trip in June because of our team and individual efforts entailing celebratory play at Steel Lake Park and ice cream sundaes while medals were awarded for each class. 

Getting Started with AR Important Information

Click video link below to watch a video with Mrs. Nelson, our librarian on how to get started with AR. 

Renaissance Home Connect

An Accelerated Reader link to Renaissance Home Connect is where parents can sign in to see their student’s progress. PCA parents should have all received their child's log-in information. 

Parent and Community Volunteers Welcome!

With an application and background check, you might be a mascot, a mentor, a library clerical assistant, a bookshelf elf, and more. You can read to a little child, coach a child who needs to learn the English language, or support children in finding good books! Just contact Mrs. Nelson and apply today. It's a great place to earn your volunteer requirements if you have some to earn.


Meet Mrs. San

A parent earning volunteer hours as a Clifford Day Dog!


 Meet Mrs. Norwood

A grandparent who volunteers two afternoons per week and helps our students directly. 


On Our Eagle Honor, We Try Our Personal Best for Jesus in the PCA Library!

Our Library is Thrilling!


Story Nights

We host story nights after school hours to strengthen reading engagement with students.


Library Contests

We have research contests, authors' birthday contests, dress-up contests, tricky question contests, vocabulary contests and more!


Student Mentor Model

We have a student mentor model!  Our upper grade students love interacting with the littles!

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