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We Love Reading!

At Pacific Christian Academy, reading literacy is important! Teachers foster a love for reading by encouraging students to read when they have time at school and also when home.  Our library of over 7,200 books gives students a wide choice of books, and allows students to become familiar with a variety of different genres.

Increasing Literacy and Fostering Our Students' Appreciation for Reading

Our elementary library houses age-appropriate fiction covering Christian, classic, and popular literature. We have numerous non-fiction works in biography, history, world culture, and the sciences. Our collection represents the diversity of our students and enables each one to understand and appreciate the many cultures represented at PCA. Students especially enjoy our selections in science and technology.

One of our primary goals to instill a Biblical world view and a knowledge of Christ's teachings from what we read. We take note of characters, behavior, content, and illustrations. Does the text improve our godly reasoning in some way? Does the story provide avenues to apply the truths of the Bible to what we are reading or learning about?  Our students are taught to always consider what God says in relation to what they are reading.

Accelerated Reader (A.R.)

Accelerated Reader is a WORLD-WIDE computer-based program that PCA uses to monitor reading practice and progress. It helps teachers guide students to books that are on each learner’s individual reading level. Students take short quizzes after reading books to check their comprehension, so teachers can assess if they have understood and can recall detail.

Each student, kindergarten (starting mid-year) through 5th-grade, will have an individualized yearly reading goal set with guidance from the classroom teacher. As students read books and take quizzes, they are able to earn points to meet their goal. When they earn points and meet their goals, they are given various rewards throughout the year. 

Getting Started with AR Important Information

Parent and Community Volunteers Welcome!

With an application and background check, you might be a mascot, a mentor, a library clerical assistant, a bookshelf elf, and more. You can read to a little child, coach a child who needs to learn the English language, or support children in finding good books! Just contact Mrs. Ellis and apply today. It's a great place to volunteer.

On Our Eagle Honor, We Try Our Personal Best for Jesus in the PCA Library!

Our Library is Thrilling!


Library Contests

We have research contests, authors' birthday contests, dress-up contests, tricky question contests, vocabulary contests, and more!


Student Mentor Model

We have a student mentor model!  Our upper grade students love interacting with the younger students.